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Company status and share capital
SPI – Gestão e Investimento, S.A.R.L. is a limited liability company, operating in the field of direct investment, social shareholding management and multi-sector consulting.

The company was incorporated by a deed date the 30 of December 1992, published in the National Gazette No. 25, Series III, released the 25th of June 1993.

SPI is registered in the Commercial Registrar of Maputo under number 14,828, on sheets 141 of book C – 6. It holds a Letter-patent with number 1745/MC/G/95, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Mozambique, granting it authorization to carry on its activities. Its VAT number is 400006547, granted by the Ministry of Finances.

Company share capital is 40,000,000.00MT

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