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SPI holds a large experience on the accomplishment of full managed investments for the setting up of new companies. Among the several in progress investments we highlight the following:

Cement Production Plant in Salamanga – Bela Vista: This plant will have 5,000 tones/day cement production capacity. The cement is to be sold in local and international markets. The total investment is nearly 72 million USD and will create hundreds of new jobs for Mozambicans. Presently the plant is on undergoing the phase of infrastructure construction.


 SPI Imobiliário Projects: Three residential and commercial buildings, 10 stores each, are under development, all located at Sommerchield, a renowned barrio of the head city Maputo. Such buildings are erected following a modern architecture pattern and high environmental standards, equipped with car parking facilities and personnel and property security.

Besides these projects already in an advanced stage of construction, SPI holds interests in another real estate and touristic property in Bilene Beach (Gaza province), Multiplexo in Tchumene (Maputo) and condominium and touristic properties in Tete among others.

Brazil Generics and Natural Pharmacy: companies to act on the field of medicines and natural products respectively. Theses companies desire to be recognised in Mozambique by their proficiency in the compliance with high quality standards accepted within the world health organization, linked to competitive selling prices.


The Head of State, Armando Guebuza, has convened the Parliament (AR) for the first session of the VII legislature, to be held on the 12th of January at the headquarters of this body.
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